Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I have to nominate a charity/organization/project?
    No.  If you have a cause you would like to nominate, you are welcome to do so, but nominations are absolutely not required.
  2. Do I have to speak?
    No.  All projects will be given the opportunity to speak if they would like, for the purpose of swaying votes in their direction.  This is absolutely not required. The voting members will simply have to decide how they will cast their votes.
  3. If I am a member this year, am I automatically a member next year?
    No.  You are absolutely invited to join for next year, but we will not just assume that you are a repeat member!
  4. How will I know what has been done with the money we donated?
    Next year's meeting will include a presentation by the winning project(s) of exactly how the money was spent.  
  5. To whom do I write my cheque?
    You will not know the name of the winner until the announcement of the final vote, so the recipient will remain blank.  Those tabulating the cheques will fill in the name of the recipient.
  6. Will I receive a tax receipt that night?
    The winning charity/organization will send out tax receipts when they have processed the cheques.
  7. What if I can't attend the voting meeting?
    That would be sad, since it promises to be a lot of fun.  However, you can send your cheque/cash with another member or even send a non-member friend to stand in for you.
  8. Do we handle the money?                                                                               No. We handle none of the money, it is given to the winning organization and you will receive your tax receipt in the mail!
  9. Is there a dinner provided?
    No. In order to keep the costs down allowing more funds to go to the deserving charities, we have gracious sponsors that are providing for cheese, fruit and a drink on them!