SJCCC is undergoing a construction project to help enhance its current Rehabilitation program, preparing itself for the needs ahead.

A 2400 sq ft, modern physical therapy space is being built to bring people together safely. This new space will feature state-of-the-art equipment and large windows for natural light, and provide innovative solutions to help individuals at every level through their rehabilitation journey. This space will act as a hub for motivation, where patients can interact with one another, to encourage and inspire each other as they strengthen and prepare for their return home.

The effects of social isolation are very real and challenging. SJCCC decided it was time to take the rehabilitation program to the next level and offer group programming so that patients could share their struggles and successes, and journey through the program together.


Estimated Cost: $680,000.00

Date of Completion: March 31, 2024

What do you wish everyone knew: In 2022, 341 community members were admitted to SJCCC’s inpatient Rehabilitation program. Within this unit, there are 58 beds where patients rehabilitate from two weeks up to 90 days, working towards their return home and back into the community. This year, we are on the trajectory to see 400 patients, our highest number of admissions to date. 

Our rehabilitation program offers inpatient services to adults and seniors who require reconditioning and/or retraining following illness, surgery, or other adverse events. Our approach is to enable independence by promoting activity, increasing strength and endurance, and developing the ability to manage daily routines.

As the face of healthcare has changed drastically over time, so too have the programs at SJCCC. After 125 years of healthcare service, SJCCC is ready for another change to elevate its programs and bring this new modern space to York Street.

To help make this dream a reality, SJCCC has partnered with St. Joseph’s Care Foundation and launched Stronger Together, a fundraising campaign set to raise $680,000 over the next three years.

Through partnerships, community events, and local support, the campaign will run until 2025, focusing on rehabilitation needs. The new space is set to be up and running by early 2024 so that programming can continue to thrive.

Once a patient leaves our program, they are enrolled in Remote Care Monitoring (RCM) and followed by a nurse for up to 30 days post-discharge.

There is no cost for this program and SJCCC provides all the technology required to the patient once at home. The goal of this program is to help support the patient fully and reduce the need for unnecessary Emergency Department visits during a high period of uncertainty. The program also partners with Cornwall and SDG Paramedic Services and the Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM) nurses at Cornwall Community Hospital to provide extra support for our seniors.

You can help us keep healthcare close to home. A first-of-its-kind, our new space will give back to our community for years to come and enhance the local rehabilitation services offered.

Of those who are enrolled in our rehabilitation program, 99% of patients are from Cornwall and the area.
Without this program, patients would have to travel away from our community to participate in a rehabilitation program, spending upwards of three (3) months away from their homes and their families. Families also would have to travel a minimum of two (2) hours or more per visit to spend time with their loved ones. In turn, stress levels are reduced for all parties involved.


We're one of a kind. SJCCC is a hidden gem in our healthcare community.
Our staff are the absolute best -- they greet you with open arms and provide the most compassionate care to their patients. Our Centre's main priority is to ensure you have all you need to succeed and return home as safe and as confident as possible.