Our newest project, The Rachel's Kids Park of Hope, will provide a fully inclusive playground where children of all ages and abilities can safely interact and socialize without barriers and accessibility challenges.  This park has been designed to cater to the needs of all children including those with visual hearing, cognitive, sensory, or physical impairments.  Auditory, tactile, proprioception and visual sensory systems will be engaged and a range of motor, cognitive and social skills will be promoted.  It will be located at St. Therese Park on 13th Avenue in Cornwall. Our vision is to provide a vibrant space that embodies safety, warmth and inclusivity and our goal is to strengthen our community through accessible and inclusive recreation.


Estimated Cost: $600,000

Date of Completion: July 5, 2024

What do you wish everyone knew: Our inclusive park project is designed to address several pressing needs within our community:

1.Accessibility for All: Eliminate all barriers and accessibility challenges that have too often left children with special needs watching from the sidelines
2.Multi-Generational Engagement:  Encourage adults to actively participate in children's play, promoting healthy, multi-generational interactions.
3. Educational and Therapeutic Benefits:  A resource for local therapists to conduct sessions, promoting holistic development and offering valuable support to families in need.
4. Fostering Empathy: Create an environment where children learn inclusion and acceptance.
5.  Advocating for Inclusivity:  Serve as a catalyst for change, setting an example for future park developments and advocating for increased inclusivity in our public spaces.

Rachel's Kids has been joyfully serving the communities of Cornwall, SDG and Akwesasne for the past 19 years by offering hope, opportunity and support for children with life threatening illnesses, neurodiversity, or simply facing life's challenging moments.  Our local signature programs are Small Moments of Joy, Helping Hands and Tech for Talk.  As well we are involved with several initiatives for children on the Autism spectrum.  Globally we assist several communities in Sri Lanka through health, wellness and education initiatives.