Centre 105 is applying for funding, to complete a much needed Kitchen Renovation.

Centre 105 currently provides between 400-500 free, nutritious meals to the most vulnerable individuals in our community, with one small electric grill and one residential stove. We truly understand the saying - use what you have!

The kitchen space that we use was built in the 1970's and there have not been any changes or upgrades since. Unfortunately, there is not enough electrical capacity in the kitchen, to add new equipment, to meet the new demands on our agency. These new demands include the large increase in the number of clients accessing our agency. In 2021, over 12,000 meals were provided. This number grew to over 17,000 meals in 2022. This year, we will serve over 20,000 meals.

We are applying for funds to complete an electrical upgrade, to increase the electrical capacity in our kitchen space. Currently, we are maxed out. This means, if we add one piece of equipment, like say a microwave, we lose our power. This electrical upgrade will cost nearly $5000.

Along with this electrical upgrade, we are applying for funds to purchase a new stove, so that we will have 2. This will increase the amount of food we can prepare and will also increase the number of different meal option we can offer our clients. The stoves we are currently looking at range in price, but because of the consistent use, we are looking for a high end residential unit, valued at approximately $3500.

Along with an electrical upgrade and a new stove, we are looking to purchase a few necessary kitchen supplies, including: Duke® Countertop Food Warmer, 120 V - ACTW-I, valued at $700, and a Vollrath® Cayenne OHC-500 Heat Lamp - 71500, valued at $600.

Centre 105 Kitchen Upgrade:

Electrical upgrade: $5000
New Stove: $3500
Electric Food Warmer: $700
Electric Food Heart Lamp: $600
Shipping costs: $200


Estimated Cost: $10,000

Date of Completion: April 30, 2024

What do you wish everyone knew:  Centre 105 is awesome.

Our Team might hold a little bias, but we truly believe that in only a few short years, we have created one of the most important social agencies in the city of Cornwall, serving the community's most vulnerable citizens. Many of our clients are dealing with several social issues, including homelessness, inadequate housing, food insecurity, poverty, addictions, mental health issues, and the list goes on.

Our agency has two main focuses: We Provide Breakfast and Create Community.

Centre 105 is a registered charity, drop-in day program in Cornwall, located within Trinity Anglican Church. Centre 105 provides a free, nutritious breakfast, three mornings per week, to anyone in need. We also provide a safe, non judgemental social area, as well as laundry services, emergency food hampers, and referrals to other local social agencies. We have many partnerships, including visits from a Recovery Care Nurse and Addictions Counsellor every Friday, visits from the City of Cornwall Housing Department every second Tuesday, and a EOHU Harm Reduction Van on-site every Tuesday.

We have created a “second home” for many of the most vulnerable individuals in our community. Many of the participants who use our program are dealing with social issues, such as poverty, food insecurity, mental health issues, and addiction issues.

Centre 105 started in 2017 and has grown exponentially, over the past 6 years. What started as a simple breakfast program, has become a social agency seeing over 400 clients, every week.

Here is a link to our new video, which does a great job at explaining what we do, at Centre 105:

Here are a few powerful quotes, from participants:

"Centre 105 is my second home. I love that I can rest, eat, and just be, with people who care.“   - Dave

It’s awesome coming here for the breakfasts, but just having the staff to talk to, having somewhere safe to be.. I would say Centre 105 directly contributed to my recovery. -Adam